> Today, nations are more economically connected than ever before.

> It is essentially a lose-lose situation for any participating nations.

A helicopter flying over a field.
A helicopter flying over a field.
Photo by DON JACKSON-WYATT on Unsplash

The invention of the atomic bomb increased the opportunity cost of war between nations. Due to its destructive nature, not only affected areas will take decades and centuries to recover, as a result of nuclear explosions, consequences such as radioactive fallout will continue to spread on global scale. Therefore, whether you are one of the participating countries or an ally, you will be affected in the unlikely event of a nuclear war.


Besides, the cause of conflicts is…

If you enjoy working remotely and traveling, it is important to keep a few reliable pieces around.

I organized a list of pros and cons for the items I have been using for my daily life. Hope you enjoy reading!

Disclaimer: This Blog is purely for the purpose of sharing, and it is not affiliated with any of the products mentioned.

1. Style

My exchange experience in Germany with CSSG (Canadian Summer School in Germany) in 2017 and 2019.

Me in 2017 during Dokumenta 14, the fourteenth edition of the art exhibition documenta

A typical day at CSSG

In the morning, students take a bus or a tram to University of Kassel. The class takes place in a church right next to Universität Kassel from 9a.m. to 12:30p.m. During the 20-minute break between classes, students often head to the Tor Café, where they can get snacks and beverages. After class, everyone usually goes to the Mensa on campus together for lunch. At lunch, everyone talks about their plans on the weekend with their host families or upcoming school trips to different cities. After lunch, everyone will either head back to the Tor Café at Universität Kassel to study…












From passion projects to consulting services, HALT CREATION is learning, evolving, and sharing.

> Students are eager to gain practical experiences

> Project based learning and automation can empower the new generation

HALT CREATION in Hessen, Germany, 2019. Photographer: Stella Tang

Developed by Haojiang Li, HALT CREATION was a futurism fashion apparel based in British Columbia, Canada. It started off as Li’s hobby project back in university. In 2020, HALT CREATION has developed into a design and manufacturing consulting company. The scope of HALT CREATION’s services are ranging from Concept, Design, Prototyping, Sampling, Manufacturing, CMS setup, and Project management. Its mission is to redefine standard procedures of product development cycles, and make its operations manuals open source.

During my years in university, I took on projects on and off during spare time. Although art and creative works did not correlate with…

Li. Wilhelm (Haojiang) 李镐江

Design/ Manufacturing Consultant based in Vancouver, BC. English, Deutsch, and 中文. See willi.uk

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